“Anything that is good for the environment, is good for the soul”. 
We provide various Ethically-Sourced, Cruelty-Free, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Resources to help everyone maintain cleanliness inside their bodies as well as around them and hence contribute towards saving our environment.

Eco-friendly Goods (38)

Grocery Bag

Rs 690.00

Reetha-Shikakai Shampoo Bar

Rs 290.00

100% Cotton Utility Pouch- Reusable, Foldable, Lightweight, Eco Friendly

Rs 100.00

100% Cotton Hand Bag- Reusable, Foldable, Lightweight, Eco Friendly

Rs 150.00

Natural Loofah Sponge - Set of 2

Rs 115.00

Borosilicate Glass Jars 900ml with Air-Tight Steel Lid and Anti-Slip Silicone Base...

Rs 385.00

Strainer Cap for Sprouting Jars

Rs 170.00

Bamboo Cotton Ear Buds - Pack of 100

Rs 70.00

Garbage Bag - Pack of 15

Rs 140.00