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    Tools & Accessories (25)

    Best-Quality, Ease-to-Use, Precisely Designed Tools & Accessories to cater to all the needs of your home garden.

    Fabric Growing Trays 8"x2" - Set of 2 Round Grow Bags for...

    Rs 200.00

    Strainer Cap 3”/ 4” for Sprouting Jars - A perfect fit for...

    Rs 190.00

    Desi Cow Dung Pots for Seed Germination -Set of 24 pots of...

    Rs 440.00

    Air Purifying Plant Care Cards - Pack of 22 Common Houseplants with...

    Rs 130.00

    Fabric Tool Kit Bag 10x9 inch - Specially Designed for Proper Organization...

    Rs 730.00

    Plant Cleaning Brush - Perfect for Cleaning Leaves & Other Small Delicate...

    Rs 155.00

    Grow Bag Cleaning Brush - Suitable for Cleaning Fabric Grow Bags of...

    Rs 230.00

    Metal Saucers for Grow Bags or Planters

    Rs 125.00

    13 inch Metal Hand Trowel with Sturdy Handle | Gardening Hand

    Rs 260.00

    10 inch Metal Hand Rake Tool with Sturdy Handle for Composting &...

    Rs 360.00

    Straight Blade Hand Pruner for Leaf Shaping & Trimming

    Rs 360.00

    5 Litre Blue Watering Can with Dual Handles & Rose Head for...

    Rs 450.00

    Spray Bottle Trigger with Adjustable Nozzle

    Rs 132.00

    7 inch, 2 in 1 Leaf & Branch Cutting Gardening Scissors

    Rs 215.00Rs 350.00

    3 Pcs Mini Garden Tool Set - Bonsai Tools for Small Plants

    Rs 300.00Rs 500.00

    Heavy-Duty, 8-inch Pruning Shears for Cutting Thick Branches | Hand Pruner for...

    Rs 710.00

    Plastic Saucers

    Rs 50.00

    Drip Irrigation Kit for 100 plants - Ideal for watering many plants...

    Rs 1,650.00Rs 2,755.00

    5 Pcs Metal Plant Stem Supporter 39cmx11cm | Garden Plant Stakes |...

    Rs 480.00Rs 810.00

    10 Pcs PVC Plant Name Tags | UV Stabilised T-Type Nursery Garden...

    Rs 150.00

    750 ml White Garden Spray Bottle with Adjustable Knob | Plant Mister

    Rs 300.00

    Hose Pipe 10 meters long with Spray Gun

    Rs 970.00

    Rubber Hand Gloves - Perfect for Use in Wet Conditions during Home...

    Rs 170.00

    Cotton Fabric Hand Gloves - Ideal for Skin Protection while working in...

    Rs 180.00

    Spray Gun with 7 Watering Patterns - Perfect for Watering Different Plants...

    Rs 300.00