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vegan coconut milk powder

What is Coconut Milk Powder?

  • It is a powdered form of coconut milk made from the meat of mature coconuts.

Why is it used?

  • Very useful for the times when you do not have access to the fresh coconut.
  • Great for quickly preparing delicious coconut milk by simply adding lukewarm water.
  • Ideal for recipes that require coconut milk, such as curries, puddings, soups etc.
  • Perfect to easily prepare beverages like smoothies, lattes, hot chocolate.
  • A Must-Have for everyone including those with Lactose Intolerance and for those who want to avoid Animal Milk.

How is Satopradhan Vegan Coconut Milk Powder different from others?

  • Majority vegan coconut milk powders contain milk protein caseinate and hence are not 100% vegan in true sense. Also, they have sugar, preservatives, artificial flavours, etc. added to them, which are not good for health.
  • This vegan coconut milk powder has no traces of milk protein caseinate or sugar and contains maltodextrin (a complex carbohydrate produced from vegetable starch) and modified starch (derived from grains and vegetables).

What are the key highlights of this Coconut Milk Powder?

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Dairy/lactose-free (No milk protein/ dairy-based solids)
  • Certified Vegan
  • Minimally processed
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • No added sugar
  • No added flavour or colour

How to use it to create delicious recipes?

Enjoy several healthy and tasty meals by experimenting with this yummy vegan coconut milk powder, having a very rich flavour of coconut!

Wholesome Treats

vegan coconut milk powder

Fruit & Nut Smoothie 

Chop any seasonal fruit such as apple/pear/cheeku into big pieces and put in a blender. Add 3 tbsp Satopradhan Vegan Coconut Milk Powder and 1 cup water. Blend the ingredients well. Garnish with soaked and roughly chopped nuts and seeds. Small chunks of bananas/dates can also be added in this smoothie.
vegan coconut milk powder

Crunchy Chia Oatmeal

Put 4tbsp rolled oats in a bowl, add half cup boiled water to it and keep it aside for 5 minutes. Add 3tbsp Vegan Coconut Milk Powder, pre-soaked chia seeds, nuts and diced fresh fruits. 1-2 tbsp of muesli or granola can also be added to enhance flavour. 


vegan coconut milk powder

Chocolate Milkshake

Add 1 Banana, 3 tbsp Vegan Coconut Milk Powder, ½ tsp Cacao Powder & 1 cup water to a blender. Blend well and garnish with a pinch of Cacao Powder & some chopped Banana chunks and serve.
vegan coconut milk powder

Coconut Lassi

Add 1.5 cup cold water, 4 tbsp Vegan Coconut Milk Powder, few mint leaves, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1/2 tsp rock salt in a blender. Blend all ingredients until smooth and garnish with roasted cumin powder.
vegan coconut milk powder

Hot Choclate

Add 1 tsp cacao powder, 3 tbsp Vegan Coconut Milk Powder and 2tbsp jaggery powder in 1 cup of boiling water. Stir well and relish!


vegan coconut milk powder

Cut any seasonal vegetables such as broccoli, beetroot, carrots, peas etc. and steam them. For dressing, put ¼ cup water, ½ cup Vegan Coconut Milk Powder, 2 tbsp Natural Peanut Butter, ½ tsp Rock Salt & ½ tsp Black Pepper Powder in a bowl and mix well for a minute. Garnish with fresh celery or lettuce leaves and drizzle this salad dressing over steamed vegetables.


vegan coconut milk powder

Cut any seasonal vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, bottle gourd etc. into big pieces and put in a steamer. Blend these steamed vegetables. Take water in a pan, let it boil and add salt, herbs and spices into it. After cooking for about 5 minutes, add steamed vegetables and stir well. Turn off the flame and add 3-5 tbsp of Vegan Coconut Milk Powder in the soup to get a delicious creamy flavour.

Sweet Dishes

vegan coconut milk powder

Coconut Laddu

Mix 2 cups of desiccated coconut, 1 cup of Vegan Coconut Milk Powder, 3tbsp Natural Peanut Butter, 1 tbsp Dried Rose Petals (optional), 1 cup Jaggery Powder and ¼ cup Water. Roll in the shape of small laddus and place 1 almond on top of each laddu.

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