How Satvic, Rajasic & Tamasic foods influence how we feel

How we behave and what actions we perform in a certain situation depends on which mode is more dominating in our personality. The way we think, feel, act, or eat can be classified as Satvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic. The kind of food we eat, the way it is prepared, and how we eat it, has a great influence on our Mental Health. Satvic food fills our mind with positive thoughts and gives rise to feelings related to Purity, Happiness, Compassion, Bliss, Contentment, Fearlessness, and Surrender. Rajasic food brings Arrogance, Ego, Restlessness, Anxiety, Fear, Uncontrollable Desires, Distress, and Impatience. Tamasic food causes Laziness, Tiredness, Depression, and Lethargy.


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