Fabric Grow Bags- Perfect for Home Gardening!

Fabric Grow Bag Sizes

What are Fabric Grow Bags?

They are bags which are used to grow plants and are usually made from breathable fabric.


Why are they used?

Prevent root circling and encourage root pruning


  • When the plant roots reach the edge of a plastic pot, they continue growing in search of more water and nutrients and begin encircling the pot. The roots thus become constricted leading to less water and nutrient intake.
  • Fabric grow bags help to alleviate this issue because as the roots meet the edges of the fabric bag, they sense the drier soil that is exposed to the air. At this point, they know they have reached their growth limit. The roots become “air pruned” which prevents their overgrowth.

Improve the humidity of home


  • Majority of the plants die due to overwatering as plastic containers only have drainage holes at the bottom but do not have breathable walls due to which excess water is not able to drain out efficiently.
  • Grow bags are made of breathable fabric which helps in draining out excess water, thus preventing the plant from root rot due to overwatering. They are also well aerated than traditional plastic pots.

Do not trap heat


  • During the scorching heat of summer and in direct sunlight, plastic pots can get quite hot. Since they are not breathable, they trap all the heat which is harmful for plants.
  • Fabric grow bags regulate temperature due to their breathable quality. Excess heat can escape from all sides of the grow bag.

Require minimal storage space and are durable


  • Traditional planters are heavy, prone to breakage and occupy much more space for storage when not in use.
  • Fabric grow bags are reusable, washable, durable and can easily be folded up and stored using minimal space each season. They are very adaptable and are a perfect solution for those who have limited space or poor soil conditions. They ensure that maximum harvest can be enjoyed in minimal space.

Provide superior drainage and aeration


  • Can remove many VOCs from air.
  • Have ability to absorb carbon dioxide even during night.

Are lightweight and versatile


  • Plastic pots are difficult to move from one location to another and have V shape which reduces their holding capacity.
  • Fabric grow bags are lightweight and have sturdy handles, thus they can be easily moved to different locations. They are ideal for growing several plants in Indian weather conditions. Their straight shape increases their holding capacity and they are available in various sizes which make them versatile enough to accommodate various indoor and outdoor plants including fruits and vegetables.

Enhance the beauty of the home garden


  • Traditional plastic pots are common, breakable and not eco-friendly.
  • Fabric grow bags are unique, unbreakable, eco-friendly and impart an elegant look to your home garden.

What are their benefits?


  • Shed excess water through the breathable fabric
  • Grow healthier plants with great yield due to high holding capacity of soil mix or potting media
  • Regulate temperature as excess heat is able to escape from all sides
  • Speed up plant's growth by providing better drainage and aeration
  • Encourage Root Pruning rather than Root Circling
  • Are lightweight, durable, reusable and easily portable due to wide cross-stitched handles
  • Allow excess water to drain out, thus preventing the occurrence of root rot due to overwatering
  • Have no risk of breakage
Fabric Grow Bag Inside

How are these Grow Bags different from others?

Majority of the grow bags by different brands are made up of either plastic or LDPE.


  • Both of them give rise to the problem of root circling which ultimately hampers uptake of nutrients and water by the plant.
  • They trap heat and do not allow drainage of excess water.
  • They are less durable and usually have a life of around 12 to 18 months.
  • Also, they deform easily, do not retain their shape and cannot stand upright until filled with potting mix.
  • As strong sunlight falls on these bags, their plastic material leaches into the plants which is not good for their health and can ultimately pose risk to our health if we consume these plants.
  • Moreover, they do not have handles and thus are not easy to lift and move from one location to another.

These grow bags are made of breathable, BPA-free, fabric.


  • Soft, felt-like texture of fabric encourages root pruning rather than root circling. These air pruned roots are highly beneficial for plants as they reduce the severity of post-transplant shock, promote yield and make plants less susceptible to root rot and other diseases.
  • They do not trap heat and also provide better drainage and aeration. Excess water/heat can easily escape from their sides.
  • They are highly durable and usually last well for 4 to 5 years.
  • They have a perfect balance of softness and stiffness and easily retain their shape with or without potting media.
  •  Since they are made of recyclable, non-woven, eco-friendly fabric, there is no risk of leaching of plastic, making them a healthy choice for plant’s health as well as our health.
  • They have sturdy handles which help in easily lifting and shifting them from one place to another. 

There are few sources where fabric grow bags are available instead of plastic or LDPE grow bags but they too have some limitations.


  • Their fabric is usually too thin and hence they do not retain their shape well.
  • Few of them are available in square shapes which deform easily.
  • Their handles are not sturdy enough to bear weight.
  • Also, their stitching quality is poor and several flaws like irregular hemming, raw edges, inappropriate trimming are easily noticeable.
  • They are very costly and hence not easily affordable.
  • They are usually available in only 2 to 3 sizes and are not suitable for growing all types of plants.

These fabric grow bags are very superior in quality as compared to other fabric grow bags and overcome majority of their limitations.


  • They are made up of 3mm felt non-woven fabric which has been hardened by pressing and is very high in density. As a result, they have appropriate stiffness and retain their shape well.
  • They have been specially designed in round shapes which do not deform. Also, their grey colour is neutral and does not interfere or dominate your interior or exterior decor. They go well with all sorts of dark, light or colourful interiors and also make a beautiful combination with green colour of plants.
  • They have wide cross-stitched handles that are very sturdy.
  • Their stitching quality is great and they have been stitched using the best quality thread.
  • Their prices are less and quality is better as compared to others.
  • They are available in a wide range of sizes, specially designed to take care of the needs of various types of plants.
Fabric Grow Bag Close Up



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